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23 Drip Bags. One 250g Bag.
Panama Geisha

The 818 Geisha

Tropical. Floral. Sweet.
Panama Geisha

The 313 Geisha

Floral. Sweet. Stone fruit.

The World’s Most Delicious, Sustainably Sourced Specialty Coffees

Your access to the finest single origins and blends. Sourced and roasted for coffee lovers by coffee lovers.

At THREE, we strive to bring you the finest specialty coffees in Dubai and across the world. We source and roast our coffees with two philosophies at heart: to improve the drinking experience for all our customers, and to never compromise on sustainability."

We go out of our way to find the world’s most interesting and sustainably sourced specialty coffee beans. We've come up with a questionnaire that will help us match you with coffees that suit you. Take the questionnaire and find your perfect match here.

Find my coffee

We’ve come up with a small quiz that helps us discover what kind of coffee person you are. At the end of the quiz you’ll be given your Coffee Colour along with recommendations of coffees we think suit you.
Coffee by Colour

Colour can intuitively communicate
how coffee tastes.

At THREE we communicate how our coffees taste through colour. We have grouped all of the
coffees we offer into three different colour groups, based on their sensory characteristics. This
makes it easy for you to find coffees you like.