Varia Brewing's products are designed to elevate home brewing experiences and encourage experimentation with various methods. Partnering with coffee masters, Varia crafts products that enable users to explore the world of coffee and tea like never before. The company is passionate about educating people on coffee and helping them refine their brewing skills, making them part of the Varia family.

Varia continually innovates with its own and collaborative products, offering new and exciting brewing equipment for all experience levels. By making brewing equipment accessible and approachable, Varia supports the specialty coffee industry, fostering growth from farms to roasters, cafes to home brewers.

Varia’s dedication to quality and innovation is reflected in its accolades. The Varia VS3 won the 2022 SCAJ Good Design Product Award in Tokyo, and the Varia Multi Brewer was awarded the 2021 Best New Product Award at the SCA Expo in Boston. These achievements highlight the passion and craftsmanship that define Varia products.