The Top 6 Coffee Beans in the World, According to Your Flavour Preferences

Arabica. Robusta. Liberica. Excelsa.

These words are part and parcel of every barista’s and coffee connoisseur’s vocabulary.

But for anyone who has only started drinking coffee or is more focused on simply enjoying a hot or cold cup of brew, these words may not ring a bell.

Arabica, robusta, liberica, and excelsa are the four main types of coffee beans. Whether you frequently indulge in the best coffee in Dubai in your favourite cafe or make your own brew, your beverage is likely made of one or more of these bean varieties.

If you have recently developed a fondness for espresso coffee beans in Dubai and other coffee drinks, having an idea of the flavour profiles of the different varieties can help you choose the best one that tickles your palate.

You can then use your newfound knowledge whenever you shop for your stock of coffee beans.

Know Your Coffee Beans

Below is an overview of the different types of coffee beans to help you broaden your knowledge as a javaphile and choose the right variety that suits your flavour preferences:

1. Arabica

Arabica is the most well-known type of coffee bean, accounting for over 60% of the varieties produced around the world.

The Arabica variety is considered to be a high-quality coffee bean. It is known for its bright body and the right amount of acidity.

Arabica beans have a multifaceted complexity of fascinating flavours and aromas. Arabica-based coffee is often best served black or with a splash of milk.


2. Robusta

Robusta beans rank next to Arabica in terms of popularity.

This type of coffee bean has a smooth texture and low acidity. Robusta beans also have hints of chocolate flavours, making them the ideal variety for milk- and cream-based coffee drinks.


3. Liberica

Pure liberica coffee beans are quite hard to find since not many countries produce them.

Liberica beans have a taste and aroma that combines floral, fruity, and smoky notes. As such, beverages made with this variety make for unique, flavourful coffee in the UAE.


4. Excelsa

The excelsa coffee beans were recently classified as a member of the liberica family. However, these two types are so different that many consider them distinct varieties.

Like their liberica counterpart, excelsa coffee beans are not widely produced. This variety has a tart and fruity body with dark roasted notes.

Excelsa beans are usually added to coffee blends to give the beverage additional flavour.


Choosing the Best Coffee Beans Based on Your Flavour Preferences

The four types of coffee beans are produced in various parts of the world. Because of this, there are numerous varieties from different countries to choose from.

And this can make selecting the right coffee beans in the UAE that suit your flavour preferences a bit tricky.

Here at Three Coffee, we categorise our coffee beans and other products in three colours that convey their flavour characteristics.

You can take the short quiz here to find out which colour embodies your coffee taste preference.

And to help you narrow down your options further and enjoy the best coffee in Dubai, we have created a list of popular coffee beans from different countries based on our three colour groups:


Our coffee beans on the brown spectrum are perfect for your daily brew, with or without milk and sugar.

Guatemala arabica

Guatemalan coffee plants grow in rich volcanic soil and are exposed to low humidity, plenty of sunlight, and cool nights. Because of this, the coffee beans have a rich yet sophisticated taste.

They also have hints of chocolate flavours, making them ideal for your daily cup of coffee in Dubai.

Guatemala arabica coffee beans have strong and refined aromas with smoky after scents.


Brazil arabica

Brazil arabica is another popular coffee bean due to its low acidity and creamy body.

Moreover, Brazilian coffee beans have subtle bittersweet rich chocolate and caramel notes, making them extremely flavourful when prepared black or with a splash of milk. It is also the preferred base for flavoured coffee beverages.



Coffee beans in the green group stand out with notes of stone and dried fruits, spices, and honey. They also have floral hints.

Colombia arabica

Arabica coffee beans from Colombia are prized for their mild, sweet, and fruity flavours with hints of citrus acidity.

These coffee beans come with a rich, nutty aroma.


Panama arabica and robusta

Panama grows a variety of arabica and robusta coffee beans. The most popular ones are geisha, catuai, and caturra.

Among these varieties, geisha is the most highly sought-after. Geisha beans are known for their honey, citrusy, and light body flavour, and bright acidity, making them the perfect base for specialty coffee in Dubai. They also have a jasmine-like aroma.



Coffee beans belonging to the purple category have a complex flavour profile that combines chocolates, florals, and purple fruits.

Ethiopia arabica

Ethiopia is one of the top well-known producers of arabica beans. In general, these beans have hints of acidity reminiscent of the taste of wine.

Depending on the area where the coffee beans are grown, they either have a fruity or spicy flavour.

The most popular variety of Ethiopia arabica is Harrar.


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